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One of the top methods available for expanding your business is through website hosting. This allows you to reach just about anyone in the world, as long as they have an Internet connection. Of course, there are many features required for an Internet site, including website hosting and the selection of a domain. Without the correct domain, nobody is going to find your Internet site, which leaves them to look for other, similar providers. You don't want other company swapping up your business, just because of a lousy domain name. This is where Designer Code comes into play. For individuals or businesses in the Melbourne area, Designer Code is able to perform all service and maintenance on site, in addition to ensure you have the best domain possible for your website and a fast server and connection, thanks to top of the line Web hosting.

Before a website can be designed, you need a proper domain name. The domain name is what an individual types into the URL bar at the top of an Internet browser to find your website. You want something short, to the point, and easy to remember. Super long domain names are hard to remember, which is no good, as then the potential client or customer is unable to locate your services. With Designer Code, the firm is able to locate and select the best, available domain for you. With an ever expanding number of websites on the Internet, not every domain is available, but rest assured, Designer Code is going to find the top options, then run the potential options past you, allowing you to make the final decision.

Once the domain is purchased and the website in the midst of production, you must have a high end website hosting service. Designer Code provides one of the fastest hosting services not only in the Melbourne area, but all of Australia. The faster a web host is, the quicker an individual searching the Internet is able to load your product page. You don't want the page to take years to load, otherwise they may become frustrated and look for a different option.

The website hosting Melbourne service isn't just simply hosting your website though. Designer Code offers additional features, including unlimited email account hosting. This means, every individual in your company is able to have their own online email account. This makes it easier for not only you to keep in contact with your employees, but it gives clients and customers a direct email account they can contact, if they need help or have a question. The website hosting Melbourne service also has a daily backup feature, so if the website ever goes down and crashes, you have the latest changes made to your website saved, allowing you to have the site back online in no time. This allows for minimal downtime, because it does not need to shut down the site to backup everything. All websites need the occasional service time, in order to update and upgrade the website, but with Designer Code, the website is up 99% of the time.

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